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Property Management

Property Maintenance

Property Inspections

Storm Preparedness

Seasonal Opening / Closings


Landscape Maintenance

Vehicle Care

Utilities Management

Repairs & Restoration

We take a hands on approach to ensuring that your property is in excellent condition through whole-home inspections, specifically focused on finding potential issues and resolving them before they become big problems. Our preventative maintenance ensures that your home remains in superior condition, maintaining the value of your property.


Our licensed professionals will maintain and inspect your security systems, smoke detectors, ductwork, hot water heater, hardware, and windows and doors including weather stripping and caulking. We also check for leaks, mold and corrosion and perform any necessary repairs.


J.C. Welton Property Management is always on call! Let us assist you with the seasonal opening/closing of your home, house monitoring, landscape maintenance, housekeeping, bill paying, auto transport, mail forwarding, pool maintenance, and so much more!


With more than 30 years in the community, our reputation for honesty and a straightforward approach to each project makes us the clear choice to manage your property. We know your home requires a personal touch, and we make sure that each issue is handled the way it would be if you were in residence.

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